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What We Do

MAFlipPA is an unincorporated group that serves as your “eyes on the ground” in Pennsylvania. We track critical issues and races in the state and coordinate with the organizations building the long-term, local infrastructure needed to win this year and beyond. Then we pass on information about Pennsylvania-based events – from phone banks to texting to canvassing, fund-raising and more – in which you can participate,  either by traveling to Pennsylvania and working in person, or from your home in Massachusetts.

Our recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Texting tens of thousands of Pennsylvania voters to remind them where, when, and how to vote in the May 18th 2021 primary and special elections, and urging them to elect a Democratic state senator and reject GOP-backed constitutional amendments

  • Distributing thousands of postcards urging likely Democratic voters in Pennsylvania to vote on May 18th

  • Canvassing and poll-watching in Lehigh County during the November 2020 presidential election to get out the vote to defeat Donald Trump, and to make sure that every vote was counted

  • Creating dedicated teams in 2020 who organized Boston-based phone and text banks and other activities for four selected legislative candidates across the state

  • Providing Boston-based teams of “precinct partners” for texting-based relational organizing with voters in selected battleground precincts, also in 2020

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