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Susan flipped the long-time Republican-held PA-07 seat in Congress in the blue wave of 2018 and faces a challenging re-election fight. She is an attorney, community advocate, and fighter for the middle class. Susan is rated the number one Congressional “incumbent protect” in the state by the PA Dems and has been endorsed by Barack Obama.

Among her priorities are bringing good-paying jobs back to the Lehigh Valley by supporting unions and training, certification and apprenticeship programs; reducing the cost of prescription drugs and bold action to fight the opioid crisis. After the suicide of a family member, she has pushed for greater access to mental health treatment.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @wildforcongress and Instagram: repsusanwild


Tara is a Northampton Council Councilwoman and a fierce advocate for the middle class and the environment. She is a champion for working-class issues including property tax reform, health care for all, a $15 minimum wage and job training for a new green economy. She is accepting no contributions from corporate interests and supports a ban on gifts to legislators and to strengthen anti corruption laws for Pennsylvania legislators.

When elected, she will fight to provide property tax relief to homeowners while assuring adequate and equitable  state funding for schools, tax increases on large corporations and to protect and grow unions. She will also fight to expand access to health care, make state universities and community colleges more affordable, and preserve the state’s environment.

Follow her on Facecbook, Twitter @TaraMZrinski and Instagram: tarazrinski


A small businessman and community organizer, Kevin Branco committed to taking on special interest groups and fighting to grow and strengthen communities and the economy in the Lehigh Valley. He will fight to restore proper funding to public education, which has been cut by 40% over the past 10 years. He believes government should help, not hinder, business with incentives for employing local residents.

When elected, he will work to develop policies that make Pennsylvania more attractive for start-ups and recent graduates. He will also push to encourage the state’s 2,560 municipalities to reduce costs by collaborating to provide public services such as public works, EMS, and police.

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram: brancoforstaterep


Michelle is  an eloquent, passionate and experienced advocate for education and the environment running to flip Pennsylvania’s 44th  House District. Michele has served as an educator, school board director, and community advocate in the 44th District for nearly 40 years. When elected, she will stand with unions to protect good paying jobs, fight for a decent minimum wage, and to keep property taxes in check while restoring fair funding to public schools.

She will also fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act, to support the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @MicheleKnoll44 and Instagram: Michele.knoll.44

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