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Free Grassroots Canvasing Tool from Indivisible

Our friends at Indivisible have asked us to spread the word about a new canvassing tool designed to help get out the vote in close House, Senate, and Presidential races like we face here in Pennsylvania.


It’s called Neighbor2Neighbor (N2N) and is offered free of charge to anyone who wants to use it, whether or not they’re part of Indivisible.


How it works


  • A volunteer signs up on a simple Web page.

  • They’re  given a script and assigned ten doors of target voters in their neighborhood.

  • They knock the doors on their own schedule and have 1:1 conversations about the stakes of the election. When they’ve finished with those first ten, they can go back to N2N and ask for more.


Indivisible says an independent study of Neighbor2Neighbor’s use in 15 congressional races found it to be twice as effective as traditional canvassing, and more effective than TV ads, yard signs, phone banking, or any other tactic it tested. Its reported 1.1% effect on voter turnout is greater than most other outreach tactics we’ve seen. And it’s more than enough to swing close races like in Pennsylvania and keep Donald Trump from a second term!


Advantages of N2N


  • Volunteers can reach every assigned door; if a voter is not home when they first knock, they can always return another day.

  • The conversations are more natural because volunteers often know their neighbors, or at least live in the same area. And because volunteers are only asked to contact only those neighbors who are likely to be politically aligned.

  • Busy volunteers can do their doors bit by bit without having to conquer new technology or remember database logins.

A special bonus for rural activists:  Early users say they're often surprised by how many like-minded, pro-Democracy people they have in their orbit.  That's not only good for this election; it paves the way for future organizing!

Volunteers can sign in and get their first doors here.  If you can't canvass, or are out of state and want to support this program, you can contribute here.

Please email me if you or your members have tried N2N so I can report the results!

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