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How You Can Help 

Worried about the state of our country and shocked that, yes, Donald Trump might again be in reach of the White House next year?

Action is the antidote to despair. Help yourself feel better—and help keep our nearest big swing state of Pennsylvania blue—by helping grassroots organizations do community-focused outreach now, long before we approach people for their votes next fall. This early, ongoing, patient work has laid the foundations for “surprise” Democratic and Progressive wins in other states such as Wisconsin and Georgia.

No matter who you are, the skills you have, or the amount of time you have to spare, we can link you to like-minded people and meaningful work that makes a difference. Among the immediate opportunities:

  • On-line research and newsletter monitoring: Monitor email newsletters, web sites, and social media content for valuable information we share with Democrats and Progressives keeping the Blue message alive in Red, rural Pennsylvania. These are rural areas that are too often ignored by campaigns and the Democratic party, where even a few thousand or few hundred votes can flip close campaigns.

  • Social media messaging: Do you fume about the lousy job Democrats and Progressives do telling their story? Help us learn the secrets of better messaging from proven experts and help us create better messaging we can share with our members and with grassroots organizations in Pennsylvania who can then share it with their friends and neighbors.

  • TikTok: Like it or hate it, short videos are how a lot of the younger voters and volunteers we need get their information. If you’re already on TikTok or Instagram Reels—or even if you know nothing but would like to learn—you can help us improve our videos and move our “followers” to active volunteers.

  • Hosting postcarding events: We have access to a free database of unregistered, likely Democratic voters in Pennsylvania to whom we can send “register to vote” postcards. Getting these voters registered before this fall’s down-ballot elections in Pennsylvania makes it more likely they will vote in next year’s Presidential elections as well.


There’s much more we’re hoping to do that’s only limited by the number of willing hands we have! Contact us if anything on this lists looks interesting—or if you have other ideas or skills.

Thank you!

Bob Scheier and Ann Eldridge

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