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15 Votes Per Precinct to Flip a PA House Seat!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

1,000 votes, or 15 votes per precinct. That’s what the campaign for Michele Knoll, running for HD-44 in Allegheny County, estimates it needs to win against hard-right incumbent Valerie Gaydos.

Out of state PACs backed by the Koch Brothers are already running negative, misleading ads against Michele, who is a dedicated educator, early child intervention specialist, and community leader.

Michele, seen below with unionized health care workers, is running a campaign based on what she has done, and will do for the district: Fair funding for schools, support for unions and keeping property taxes in check.

The Knoll campaign is handling post carding and yard signs, but they still need to individually reach the 18,768 persuadable voters they have identified to get those 1,000 votes they need to win.

That is where we can help, with phone banks Saturdays and Tuesdays. You can also break your phone banking into manageable chunks with Michele’s Ten Calls a Day Club.

Committed volunteers like our own Ann Eldridge, Nancy Dolberg and Lynn Layton have made more than 20,000 calls to voters since the primary. Our calls also boost Democratic turnout for Congressman Conor Lamb, elected in the 2018 Blue Wave, and of course help flip PA’s 20 must-have electoral votes to Joe Biden.

Please help Michele and Democrats up and down the ballot in this critical swing state with open phone banks (which you can join any time) Saturdays and Tuesdays or by joining the Ten Calls a Day Club.

Thank you!

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