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It's NOT Just a Primary

Why should you care?  Turnout for primaries are typically low, with an average of only 20% of voters showing up, which is not a lot of people deciding who will be on the general election ballot.  Generally, primary voters are older and whiter and thereby is not necessarily a good representation of the full voting population.  If you want to be represented, voting in the primary election can have an impact.

Primary elections usually aren’t on peoples’ radar, but let’s see if we can change that.  You may perceive that this isn’t the real election. But quite honestly, it is; because this is what determines who will be on the ballot.  You have a chance to see that your candidate will be in the game in the final general election game. 

While Pennsylvania’s primary is held later in the year than most other states, it feels like the decision has already been made, but that’s for the presidential election coming up this year.  This year and other years, there are many local, down-ballot candidates who you want in the PA State House and local communities to represent you.  In addition to president, this year there are seats for U.S. House and Senate; PA’s attorney general, auditor general, and treasurer; and state House and Senate.  Across the state, there are also ballot questions that impact you.

If you’ve never voted in a primary before, why not take the time to do it tomorrow (April 23, 2024), and try to make it a habit.  Even if you think it’s too late for your candidate to make it, your vote still demonstrates where your interests lie and it could influence candidates to pay attention to issues that may not have been high on their rada

Thanks to Spotlight PA, there’s still time to do some homework before tomorrow’s primary with their last-minute voting guide.  Be prepared, be active, let your voice be heard, and make it a habit to vote in the primaries.  

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