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Kids with Capes

Wanted: Super Volunteers to Multiply the Work of Others!

As Pennsylvanians start voting, we need to make millions of calls to make sure we win Pennsylvania and win it big.

You can help make those calls happen and enable dozens or even hundreds of other volunteers to make calls. Back to Blue, the PA Dems unified election effort, is looking for super volunteers they will train to:

  • Greet and welcome volunteers to virtual staging spaces

  • Train volunteers on the phone bank script and phone bank tool.

  • Troubleshoot tech issues and provide more in-depth training as needed.

  • Follow up with anyone who misses a scheduled shift and reschedule them, and

  • Be a “floater” who can be assigned wherever more help is needed.

For more information email Abigail Shneyder or sign up HERE.

Still on the fence about phone banking?
Spend six minutes watching this.
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