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Help us run these print ads in rural Pennsylvania
to defend two must-win House seats!

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We’ve already raised more than $10,000 to run these ads, and others like them, in the next few weeks on print, radio and social media in northeast Pennsylvania. We have a stretch goal of raising another $40,000 to run them again in September and October to help keep our control of the House. Every contribution helps – and every donor will get a tear sheet of the ads they helped fund. Don’t forget to check out our radio ad for Matt Cartwright here and share this link with family and friends who’d like to make a targeted donation to save our Democracy.

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Who We Are

Living in the Massachusetts “blue bubble,” it’s easy to feel there’s little you can do to protect our democracy from a rapidly increasing number of far-right attacks. But what if you look further afield? Pennsylvania, the closest big (19 electoral votes) swing state to Massachusetts needs not only our financial contributions, but our time, talents, and political activism. By working to elect Democrats not only at the Congressional level, but at the gubernatorial, legislative and county level, we help protect voting rights and the vote counting process against right-wing attack in this critical swing state.

That’s why we formed MAFlipPA, a Massachusetts-based political action group that connects 450+ Massachusetts residents with trusted Pennsylvania-based partners all working to elect Democrats and progressives to local and state-level posts in 2021 and 2022.

Will you join us?

Why Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is the closest big swing state to Massachusetts. Only a seven-hour drive away lie major swing population centers ready for canvassing and other vital in-person work. Unlike many states, Pennsylvania voters elect both the legislature AND the judiciary. Both will be involved in shaping future congressional districts, adjudicating challenges to voter suppression laws, and affirming presidential election results.  By working to elect Democratic and progressive legislators and judges in the state, we can ensure that Pennsylvania's voters, and its 19 electoral college votes, will not be silenced.

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