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High Impact Palm Cards, Mailing Cards and textible GIFs

Are you tired of using so-so quality postcards? Wish you could get cards with effective messaging tailored for targets we need to hit, such as Independents and disengaged voters? Chester County Marching Forward, an unaffiliated progressive organization in a Philadelphia “collar county” is offering several cards, in the form of mini leaflets sized to fit in door-hanging envelopes, cards to fit regular business-size envelopes and even as textable GIFs! In addition to being mailed or handed out during canvassing, the physical cards can be used as table literature or left in high-visibility areas.

Check out these cards!

One, aimed at Independents, points out areas of common concern across parties such as saving Social Security and Medicare, climate change, abortion rights and the critical differences between the two parties. (Biden and the Democrats support Democracy, Trump and the Republicans authoritarianism.)

This appeals to the critical Independents who may not “like” either party but could be swayed by an argument that a vote for Democrats is a vote for democracy – an issue which polls well across the political spectrum.



The second is aimed at disengaged voters, who feel their vote doesn’t matter or that the system is totally broken. It dramatically lays out “10 Reasons to Vote in 2024.” The card draws a sharp contrast between the two parties’ policies on abortion rights, Social Security, gun safety, the environment, the economy, voting rights, and other current issues.



Like what you see? There’s more:


  • CCMF is happy to customize the cards to reflect the wording you or your candidate prefers.


  • These designs are also available as GIFS to text all those “I’m not voting” or “Politicians are all the same” folks when you’re texting or phone banking. They can also be used as “cheat sheets” for your texters or volunteers.


  • CCMF will soon release two other cards, one on “Reproductive Freedom” and the other on “7 Things Biden has Done” for those who are not aware of his many accomplishments.


  • While CCMF is unaffiliated, they feel this election is different and some of the cards are partisan in urging that people vote Democratic up and down the ballot.  If you want to use the cards in a venue that insists on strictly nonpartisan literature, please let them know – it’s possible they can create a nonpartisan version for you.



Cost Estimates:

Chester County Marching Forward uses a union printer and all products include a union “bug.” Pricing will vary by quantity. The printer typically has turnaround times of under a week, except during the height of campaign season. He is willing to ship cards to you directly at an added cost, but please go through the contact email below to place your orders. You are also welcome to use your own printer if you prefer. There is no charge for the designs if you use your own printer, or for the GIFs.

Palm Cards (4.5” x 11”):

800 cards: about $300 + 6% PA sales tax.

Note: You can mix and match different cards within the 800.


Mail-Size Cards (3.5” x 9”):

2 lots of 100 cards /200 total - $111.45 + tax

2 lots of 300 cards /600 total - $175.55 + tax

2 lots of 1000 cards /2000 total - $345.75 + tax


For more information and ordering details, please contact Thank you for all of your efforts for Pennsylvania and our country!

Rural Organizing is a great organization and the leader of this effort, Dani Cook, is an inspiring speaker. We encourage you to both download the full  report and view the LessonbsWebinar at this link.

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