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What the heck is MAFlipPA and what does it do?

MAFlipPA is an independent, all volunteer group that since 2019 has worked non-stop from our “blue bubble” of Massachusetts to elect Democrats and Progressives up and down the ballot in Pennsylvania. (We are not a “C3, C4, PAC” or other incorporated group and thus are free to coordinate with political campaigns, or anyone else.)

We believe the 2024 election, and the fate of our Democracy, could be determined by a mere tens of thousands of votes in a handful of swing states, of which Pennsylvania is the closest. Pennsylvania is also home to a “must defend” Senate seat (Bob Casey,) three “must defend” House seats (Susan Wild, Matt Cartwright and Chris Deluzio), and a legislature we need to flip blue to enact pro-Democracy and pro-freedom policies under Governor Josh Shapiro.

Since the start of this year, we have:

  • Distributed more than 15,000 postcards (with more going out every week) to volunteers at in-person “Activist Afternoons” in Cambridge and Andover.

  • Provided tools, tips and inspiration to leaders of rural Democratic and Progressive groups through our Rural Reporter email newsletter.

  • Planned canvassing trips to northeast Pennsylvania beginning in April to engage voters early, listening to their concerns instead of just asking them to vote.

  • Distributed “hyper local” news about the benefits of Biden administration policies to swing Congressional districts.

  • And provided everything from Spanish-speaking translators to back-end administrative help to groups operating “behind enemy lines” in red, rural Pennsylvania.

There’s much more we’re planning to do, and not a minute to waste to protect us, our children and grandchildren from the MAGA threat to our Democracy.  Whoever you are, whatever your skills or energy level, you can make a difference now. You can, for example:

  • Become a local post card host, printing post carding instructions and address lists we provide and collating packets for distribution from your porch.

  • Help research, via Web and phone, news about the local benefits of Biden policies to educate and get out the vote in Pennsylvania.

  • Join phone banking and texting events (our sponsors provide training and support.)

  • Do “back office” administrative, database, newsletter writing and other services for us and our partners in Pennsylvania.

  • Canvass with us in Pennsylvania to meet the voters and learn about the communities that will decide the fate of our Democracy.

Your first step? Sign up for our email newsletter here to keep informed about all the ways you can help. And keep reading this blog for the latest news from Pennsylvania as the political winds shift this year.

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