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Why I Lean Left

Personal values are often reflected in one’s political views and reveal an individual’s beliefs.  Unfortunately, while exploring our moral beliefs, we can often find disparity with political ideologies, which can lead to hypocrisy from both sides. 


Why do I lean to the left and not right, when the right is often viewed as the party of family values and conservatism promoting freedoms?   I believe in family values and a conservative government promoting freedoms.  To answer this question, the differences between Republicans and Democrats need to be understood.  For many years the differences were few and often held little sway over voter preferences.  Sadly, today those differences have a huge impact on the party agenda and voter beliefs, bringing us into an era of extremism and division. 


So, what are these differences? Republican ideology is said to be about individual freedoms, lower taxes, less government, trickle-down economics, and laissez-faire capitalism.  They are considered the more conservative party with greater adherence to family values and isolation from international affairs.  Democrats, on the other hand, believe in application of social programs aimed at helping the needy, growing an economy from the bottom up, and supporting progressive change, especially when it involves creating greater social and economic equality.  Democrats are prone to supporting international human rights and tackling divisive issues such as infrastructure, climate change, and gun violence. 


Now that we understand the general ideological differences, let’s consider my moral beliefs.  I believe in individual freedoms, less government, and family values.  So, I must be a Republican; right? ...  Not so fast. I also believe that the purpose of a government is to provide for its citizens.   Consequently, I see the need for public assistance programs aimed at providing services to the disadvantaged, even though by doing so, some would deem me a “Socialist.”  I also believe in narrowing the ever-growing wealth gaps and curtailing the problems of infrastructure, gun violence, and climate change.  Considering the historical signature achievements of Democrats vs. Republicans...


Democrats legislated:


            •           The New Deal

            •           Space Programs

            •           Peace Corps

            •           NATO

            •           Medicare and Medicaid

            •           Unemployment Benefits

            •           Fair Labor Standards

            •           National School Lunch Program

            •           Head Start Program

            •           Family and Medical Leave

            •           Civil Rights Act

            •           Social Security Act

            •           Affordable Health Care

            •           American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure Bill


Almost all of these Acts and programs listed are aimed at “providing for citizens” while advancing sciences, foreign relations, and infrastructure. Historic Republican legislation gave us:

            •           an Interstate Highway system,

            •           the CARES Act. 

And while these may have served to advance infrastructure and help keep an economy moving during the COVID pandemic, there’s been little historical legislation from Republicans that have moved forward which was aimed at “providing for citizens.”  Most Republican bills are aimed on tax cuts and reducing government spending.   While that does seem worthy of satisfying my conservative ideals, it leads to a system of catering to the wealthy while creating huge wealth gaps and failing to “provide for citizens.”   Many see the personal gains of these Republican tax cuts as reason to vote Republican over the more altruistic idea of providing for ALL citizens.  This has become the Republican mantra of claiming Democrats want Socialism.  However, those that are calling Democrats “Socialists” usually fail to understand the term, or how it already applies to many American institutions such as the military, police, schools, transportation, sciences, etc...  Republicans would be happy to make all these institutions private ventures but fail to understand the impact or consequences of doing so.


There is so much more to discuss as to why I might lean left, specifically in terms of:

            •           Climate

            •           Gun Regulation

            •           Infrastructure

            •           Education

            •           Health Care

            •           Foreign Relations

            •           Trade

            •           Economy

            •           Immigration

            •           Ethics


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