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Building Our PA Voter Protection Ground Game

Updated: Mar 10

Getting Democrats out to vote in Pennsylvania is only half our challenge this fall. The other half is making sure they know how to vote amid a pandemic and flood of GOP misinformation, can vote, and that their votes are counted.

There are a lot of smart, hardworking experts on the case and there are multiple ways we can help. That’s what more than 300 committed activists heard recently from election lawyer Adam Bonin and the voter protection director for the PA Biden coordinated campaign Kay Yu.

The highlights:

  • While there are multiple lawsuits and uncertainty over the performance of the postal service, voting by mail – EARLY – is still the most reliable and safest way for Pennsylvanians to vote.

  • There’s an incredible amount of rumor and misinformation out there, much of it promulgated by the Trump campaign. We need to stay calm and give voters trustworthy information. (Check out the PA Dems voter protection FAQs.)

  • Our friends in Pennsylvania need volunteers to staff voter protection hotlines NOW because early voting could start as early as Sept. 14. This requires studying up on PA voting law, the commitment to be available for call shifts, and the patience to walk through issues with voters. But you get the instant gratification of helping people who will be glad you’re on the phone. Sign up for Voter Protection Training on Sept. 14 here and join the PA Dems Voter Protection Team here.

  • We’re expecting many attempts at voter suppression and interference on election day. The PA Dems need volunteers to call loyal Democrats and ask them to staff their local polling places to assure everyone can vote. If you’ve never phone banked, this is an excellent way to start by calling a very friendly crowd! Sign up to make calls here.

As someone on the call said, “There is no cavalry coming to rescue us. WE are the cavalry.” If calling possibly reluctant voters isn’t your thing, consider calling friendly Democrats to ask them to join the fight.

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